Correct me, if I'm wrong.

I am human (I swear), and am always learning. If you notice any errors, whether it be something small like a typo, or something big like misinformation, please help me out so that I may edit and grow.

Whatcha drinking?

I love to meet fellow beer drinkers, especially if we can learn from each other. Feel free to be beer "pen" pals with me, and drop me a message. And if we happen to be at the same beer venue, don't be shy and say hello: let's have a toast. Cheers.

Let me video you

If you are are brewer or brewery that would be so nice to invite me to visit, my answer is "yes, please, and thank you!" Tell me about your best beer and maybe I can "use" you to learn about its corresponding style for the Cicerone syllabus.

Ads... maybe...

If you have a beer product or service that would like endorsement, I cannot be easily bought. Anything I promote, whether I am paid or not, must be something that I truly stand behind and believe to be beneficial. I am in this realm to teach, not to trick people with bullshit. If you think you have a good thing, I am open to learning about it and perhaps we can make a relationship.

Email me here, or contact me through Social Media.

Website Designers

DO NOT CONTACT ME. Just like my personal website, I intentionally want my website to be old school, basic HTML, simple. I do not want your services. Please and thank you, cheers.